C# Torrent Search Engine

Take back the web. A simple, lightweight steam-integrated torrent search engine for everyone. Bypasses URL shorteners, captchas and other nuisances.
Requires a torrent client such as qBittorrent!


Feature 01


OpenVapour provides a fluid experience to the user in under 200kb. With memory compression and caching it aims to perform as well as possible on every system without compromise.

Feature 02

Open Source

When it comes to torrenting, you should never trust something blindly. Thats why OpenVapour is completely open source, with every release unobfuscated.

Feature 03


OpenVapour sources are curated from several highly trusted piracy megathreads and repackers. If you don't trust a source OpenVapour uses, you can disable it at any time.

Feature 04


OpenVapour is thorougly tested across several systems to ensure compatibility with as many systems as possible. Regular updates help ensure you have a smooth experience without errors.

Feature 05


Anyone can use OpenVapour. It aims to be as simple as possible. Interactive UI elements ensure that the user clearly knows what they are doing. As long as you somewhat know what a torrent is, you can use OpenVapour.

Feature 06

Free Forever

No cost. No data collection. No predatory bullshit. OpenVapour is completely free and private. No site can see you are using OpenVapour, and no one can see how many people are using OpenVapour. The only web traffic sent from OpenVapour not prompted by the user is to check for updates.

Take back the web. Make digital rights management redundant.